(20 Pack) Corner Protector V Edge Guard – 8 x 12

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(20 Pack) Corner Protector V Edge Guard – 8 x 12 Description

Color:Blue Pack Size: 20 Pack (Listing is for 20 Corner Protector Veeboard Style – 8′ x 12′) Dimensions:8′ X 8′ X 12′ Material:V-Style Corner Protectors are made from high density polyethylene Sizes:All V-Style edge protectors that we carry are 8 inches wide on both sides of the central axis. The length of the board varies. The smallest that we carry is 12 inches, then 24 inches, then 36 inches and finally 48 inches. The one you have presently selected is 12 inches in length Application:These are a larger, more heavy duty form of our edge protectors. Due to their larger surface area, they keep the straps in place more reliably thus protecting both the cargo and the strap. V-style edge protectors portray a more professional image to the transporter’s customer and inspire more confidence. Benefits:Reduced probability of strap damage, direct benefits through insurance claims reduction and a boost to the transporters image Weight:3 lbs Color:Blue is our main stock color. Depending on availability, we may switch color as needed to fulfill customer order. About V-Style Edge Protectors:They are an improvement over the standard corner protector design. They have a wider span, tougher plastic and come in desired lengths ranging from 12 inches to 48 inches. Veeboards are an important part of cargo protection and the hold-down systems offered by Mytee Products to our valuable customers. We believe that customers who are looking to go the extra distance to secure their load, project a professional image and achieve great safety results should strongly consider Veeboard style edge protectors.

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