4 x 10 Corner Protector Vee Shaped (20 PACK)

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4 x 10 Corner Protector Vee Shaped (20 PACK) Description

Dimensions:4′ X 4′ X 10′ Material: Vee Shaped Corner Protectors are made from high density polyethylene Sizes: These Corner Protectors are 4 inches wide on both sides with a length of 11 inches.  Application: These are a larger, more heavy duty form of our regular 4 inch edge protectors. Due to their larger surface area, they keep the straps in place more reliably thus protecting both the cargo and the strap. V-style edge protectors portray a more professional image to the transporter’s customer and inspire more confidence.  Benefits: Reduced probability of strap damage, direct benefits through insurance claims reduction and a boost to the transporters image Weight: 3 lbs Color:Blue is our main stock color. Depending on availability, we may switch color as needed to fulfill customer order. Includes Mesh carrying bag

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