High Kinder Chair Accessories: With Tray

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High Kinder Chair Accessories: With Tray Description

K2 Series Accessories: With Tray Features: -High Kinder chair with tray. -Provides many options to gain the best possible alignment and postural control. -Adjustable seat depth. -Optional pelvic-femoral stabilizer and footrest extension. -Tray for upper extremity weight bearing and fine motor tasks. -Footrest supports feet and promotes lower extremity weight bearing. -Can be removed when child grows and their feet can be supported on the ground. -Appropriate for pre-school and kinder garden settings with small size, low to ground. -Allows an average height table or desk for the child to use as a support surface. -Caster base allow easy mobility on flat surfaces. -Footrest extension increases the distance from the footrest to the seat by 7”. -K2CB, KCFRE using for K2. Specifications: -Age: 1 to 7 years. -Back angle: Reclines 10 from vertical. -Footrest: Adjusts 3” to 10.5” below seat. -Abductor: Removable, 2” wide. -Height of arms: 5.25” above seat. -Height of back: 13” above seat. -Chair height – floor to top of arm rests: Adjusts 26” to 28.5”. -Optional caster Base: Model K2CB, 4”,swivel, locking casters. -Optional footrest extension: Model KCFRE increases distance from footrest to seat 7”. -Optional Pelvic-femoral stabilizer: Model KFS 2 each 4” x 6” knee pads. -Dimensions: 48” H x 11” W x 7” to 12” D. Brochure

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