Philips AVENT Electric Bottle Warmer

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Philips AVENT Electric warmers To retain nutrients and vitamins of breast milk 30 years of experience have taught us how breast milk is important for your child. The Philips AVENT bottle warmers help you to maintain the quality of milk, thanks to the delicate and uniform heating. FEATURES Heating safe and gradual g hanks to the circulation of the milk during heating, do not create hot spots No risk of overheating of the milk. The integrated sensor constantly monitors the temperature of the milk to prevent overheating Includes an intelligent indicator of progress. The indicator shows the progress of heating milk More flexibility and peace of mind. The automatic function of temperature maintenance keeps the warm milk for 20 minutes, before automatically turning off the device Multiple settings for heating the milk. Thaw and heat the milk at various temperatures safely Thaws safely your milk. Thaw your milk safely at warmer, spending more time with your child. This process is much more convenient than the thawed under running water and faster than thawing in the refrigerator. But above all it is safer compared to the thawing in a microwave oven. All Philips AVENT bottle (except 60 ml) and food containers for children can be used with this bottle warmer The device also includes a setting to heat up baby food

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