Pigeon Breast Pump Electric First Class

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Pigeon Breast Pump Electric First Class Description

Product introduction It is the best breast pump performance model that take well to smooth breast milk. -Electric – For those who want to milking at optimal speed and strength. Smooth milking burden less any boobs – Cleaning, assembly is easy for parts is large, the number of small! [Smooth milking burden less any boobs] This breast pump (1) The fit in boobs (2) Gently stimulus (3) You can adjust freely appropriate speed and suction. It is a breast pump for the mom who wants breastfed. [At times like these, I recommend the milking. ] – Such as going out for a short time, when the mom to ask the nursing • When you want to rest slowly ask on behalf of the nursing of the middle of the night • When difficult to direct breastfeeding in trouble of tits and nipples• When you want to squeeze the excess breast milk [Highest performance model that take well to smooth breast milk] (1) Of new development to be fit to any boobs ‘Fit soft cover’ To prevent air leakage by gently wrap soft tits, big cover. (2) I stimulate gently boobs Two types of ‘Saku milk preparation mode’ At the beginning of milking, I will give the boobs a gentle stimulation. I can choose the speed of the two types of ‘slow’ and ‘normal.’ (3) It is possible to adjust the speed and strength of the optimal suction pressure ‘Milking mode’ You can adjust (4 levels) and speed (stage 7) the strength of the appropriate suction pressure to milking. The [display screen that can be operated intuitively while milking] -Milking preparation mode (Selectable the speed of the ordinary two-slowly) -Milking mode (Adjustable strength (suction pressure) in 7 steps) (adjustable in four stages speed) • In the quiet design, it does not cause the baby sleeping. · To milking mode from milking preparation mode, automatic switching in two minutes. Back-lit that looks good even in a dark room. Timer functions with which it is possible to confirm the milking time.

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