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Mouse Monoclonal antibodies

Mouse Monoclonal antibodies

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clones for flow and ihc

Purified by chromatography on protein A Sepharose. Concentrations of 1 mg/ml


  1. MA1G1 Mouse anti-human IgG
  2. MA1A1 Mouse anti-human IgA
  3. MA1A2 Mouse anti-human IgA1
  4. MA1G2 Mouse anti-human IgG1
  5. MA1G3 Mouse anti-human IgG3
  6. MA1M3 Mouse anti-human IgM
  7. MA1E4 Mouse anti-human IgE
  8. MA1G4 Mouse anti-human IgG4
  9. MA1K5 Mouse anti-human kappa light chains
  10. MA1L6 Mouse anti-human lambda light chains
  11. MA1L7 Mouse anti-human free lambda light chains
  12. MA1K8 Mouse anti-human free kappa light chains
  13. MA1K9 Mouse anti-light chains of human Ig

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  1. MA2I1 Mouse anti-human insulin
  2. MA2G2 Mouse anti-human growth hormone
  3. MA2S3 Mouse anti-enterotoxin Staphylococcus aureus
  4. MA2C4 Mouse anti-b subunit of cholera toxin
  5. MA2T6 Mouse anti-thyroxine
  6. MA2T7 Mouse anti-triodothyronine
  7. MA2H8 Mouse anti-human chorionic gonadotropin
  8. MA2P9 Mouse anti-human proinsulin
  9. MA2IP10 Mouse anti-anti-rat insulin/proinsulin
  10. MA2TS11 Mouse anti-human thyroid stimulating hormone
  11. MA2TG12 Mouse anti-human thyroglobulin
  12. MA2DT13 Mouse anti-Diphtheria toxin


  1. MA3C13 Mouse anti-cylcosporin A
  2. MA3HS2 Mouse anti-Herpes Simplex virus type 2
  3. MA3IH4 Mouse anti-influenza virus type A (hemagglutinin)
  4. MA3IN5 Mouse anti-influenza virus type A (nucleoprotein)
  5. MA3FT6 Mouse anti-LPSFrancesella tularensis
  6. MA3R7 Mouse anti-rabies virus
  7. MA3YP8 Mouse anti-F1 antigenYersinia pestis
  8. MA3S9 Mouse anti-Salmonella typhimurium
  9. MA3R10 Mouse anti-rotavirus group specific antigen
  10. MA3T11 Mouse anti-Treponema pallidum
  11. MA3HB12 Mouse anti-hepatitis B virus surface antigen
  12. MA3AV13 Mouse anti-human adenovirus
  13. MA3CV14 Mouse anti-anti-cytomegalovirus
  14. MA3PM15 Mouse anti-Pseudomonas mallei
  15. MA3L15 Mouse anti-Legionella pneumophila
  16. MA3BA16 Mouse anti-bacillus antracis protective antigen
  17. MA3EB20 Mouse anti-Epstein Barr virus,capsid antigen p120
  18. MA3HB17 Mouse anti-hepatitis B virus core antigen HBcAg
  19. MA3IF18 Mouse anti-influenza virus B group antigen
  20. MA3ReS21 Mouse anti-respiratory syncytial virus, F protein
  21. MA3R23 Mouse anti-Rubella virus structural glycoprotein E1, E2C
  22. MA3SO22 Mouse anti-Salmonella A,B,D group specific O-antigens
  23. MA3Tx19 Mouse anti-Toxoplasma Gondii,p30 antigen


  1. MA4AD1 Mouse anti-human alcohol dehydrogenase
  2. MA4T15 Mouse anti-human transferrin
  3. MA4L2 Mouse anti-human lactoferrin
  4. MA4D5 Mouse anti-dopamine
  5. MA4N6 Mouse anti-neuron specific enolase
  6. MA4C7 Mouse anti-human corticoliberin
  7. MA4RS8 Mouse anti-regulatory subunit
  8. MA4G9 Mouse anti-b galactosidase of E.coli
  9. MA4T10 Mouse anti-human a tumor necrosis factor
  10. MA4P11 Mouse anti-human plasminogen
  11. MA4IL12 Mouse anti-human interleukin-1,beta
  12. MA4IF13 Mouse anti-human interferon alpha
  13. MA4P14 Mouse anti-horseradish peroxidase
  14. MA4TP15 Mouse anti-human thyroid peroxidase
  15. MA4F16 Mouse anti-human a-fetoprotein
  16. MA4T19 Mouse anti-cardiac troponin T
  17. MA4T20 Mouse anti-skeletal muscle troponin I
  18. MA4T21 Mouse anti-cardiac troponin I
  19. MA4I22 Mouse anti-human gamma interferon
  20. MA4M23 Mouse anti-human myoglobin
  21. MA4T24 Mouse anti-human albumin
  22. MA4G25 Mouse anti-human glial fibrillary acidic protein
  23. MA4T27 Mouse anti-human troponin C
  24. MA4Tr26 Mouse anti-human transferrin receptor
  25. MA4C28 Mouse anti-human C-reactive protein
  26. MA4F29 Mouse anti-human fatty acid binding protein
  27. MA4D30 Mouse anti-human D-Dimer
  28. MA4GP31 Mouse anti-human glycogen phosphorylase


  1. MA5O1 Mouse anti-ovine Igm
  2. MA5R2 Mouse anti-rat MHC class II (RT-1B) antigen
  3. MA5F3 Mouse anti-FITC
  4. MA5G4 Mouse anti-rabbit glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
  5. MA5C5 Mouse anti-duck gizzard caldesmon
  6. MA5GP6 Mouse anti-bovine brain Go-protein


  1. MA6L1 Mouse anti-CD5
  2. MA6L2 Mouse anti-CD2
  3. MA6L3 Mouse anti-CD4
  4. MA6L5 Mouse anti-CD7
  5. MA6L6 Mouse anti-CD8
  6. MA6L8 Mouse anti-CD11b
  7. MA6L9 Mouse anti-CD14
  8. MA6L10 Mouse anti-CD16
  9. MA6L11 Mouse anti-CD21
  10. MA6L13 Mouse anti-CD45
  11. MA6L14 Mouse anti-CD45RA
  12. MA6L16 Mouse anti-CD3
  13. MA6L17 Mouse anti-CD72


  1. MA8NS3 Neuron-specific enolase from human brain
  2. MA8HS7 HBsAg, recombinant
  3. MA8F8 a-fetoprotein from human fetus
  4. MA8C10 Calmodulin from bovine or human brain
  5. MA8T13 Human cardiac Troponin T
  6. MA8G16 Gangliosides from bovine and human brain
  7. MA8GF23 Glial fibrillary acidic protein
  8. MA8T24 Human skeletal muscle Troponin T
  9. MA8T25 Human skeletal muscle Troponin T
  10. MA8SP46 Pregnancy-specific beta-1-glycoprotein (SP1)
  11. MA8Sx49 Sex hormone binding globulin
  12. MA8M50 Human myoglobin
  13. MA8IF51 Insulin like growth factor binding protein-1
  14. MA8TG52 Human thyroglobulin
  15. MA8T53 Human cardiac Troponin I
  16. MA8Tr55 Human transferrin receptor
  17. MA8T57 Human cardiac Troponin C
  18. MA8T58 Human thyroid peroxidase
  19. MA8T60 Human cardiac Troponin I calibrator set
  20. MA8T62 Human Troponin complex
  21. MA8P63 Human prothrombin
  22. MA8P64 Pregnancy associated plasma protein Ag
  23. MA8F65 Human fatty acid binding protein
  24. MA8T68Toxoplasma gondii antigen
  25. MA8C69Chlamydia trachomatis antigen
  26. MA8D70 Human D-Dimer
  27. Troponin I free serum
  28. Myoglobin free serum
  29. FABP free serum
  30. MA8G67 Glycogen phosphorylase isoenzyme BB (GPBB)
  31. MA8EB77 Epstein Barr virus (VCA)
  32. MA8H72 Herpes simplex virus, type 2
  33. MA8H71 Herpes simplex virus, type 1
  34. MA8IN73 Influenza A (H1N1) virus
  35. MA8IN74 Influenza A (H3N2) virus
  36. MA8IN75 Influenza B virus
  37. MA8P76 Parainfluenza 1 virus


  1. Human Troponin Complex
  2. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human Troponin Complex
  3. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human Cardiac Troponin I
  4. Human Cardiac Troponin I
  5. Human Skeletal Troponin I
  6. Human Cardiac Troponin I Calibrator Set
  7. Human Cardiac Troponin T
  8. Human Skeletal Troponin T
  9. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human Cardiac Troponin T
  10. Human Cardiac Troponin C
  11. Human Skeletal Troponin C
  12. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human Cardiac Troponin C
  13. Human Fatty Acid Binding Protein (FABP)
  14. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti- FABP
  15. Human Glycogen phosphorylase isoenzyme BB (GPBB)
  16. Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human GPBB
  17. Human Myoglobin
  18. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human Myoglobin
  19. Troponin I Free Human Serum
  20. Myoglobin Free Human Serum
  21. FABP Free Human Serum
  22. Polyclonal Antibodies Anti-Cardiac Troponin I (Goat)


  1. Human Glycogen Phosphorylase Isoenzyme BB (GPBB)
  2. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human GPBB
  3. Human Transferrin Receptor
  4. Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human Transferrin Receptor
  5. Human D-dimer
  6. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-D- Dimer
  7. Human C-Reactive Protein
  8. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Human C-Reactive Protein
  9. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Cyclosporin A
  10. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Adenovirus Hexon
  11. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti- HBcAg
  12. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Influenza Virus B Group Antigens
  13. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti- Epstein Barr Virus
  14. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Legonella Pneumophila LPS
  15. Monoclonal Antibodies Anti-Toxoplasma Gondii, P30 Antigen
  16. Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein-A
  17. Influenza (H1 N1), Influenza A (H3N2), Influenza B
  18. Parainfluenza
  19. Chlamydia Trachomatis
  20. Toxoplasma Gondii
  21. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Type 2

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